Writing My Debut Novel — How It’s Going So Far

I’m filming myself creating my debut novel, even though some might suggest that a braless, middle-aged woman spending a lot of time in bed avoiding writing is not all that riveting. Pffft. Haters gonna hate.

But okay, it’s not going…

And 1 in every 33 Men

As early as elementary school, young girls are taught about “good touch, bad touch,” but that teaching does nothing to prevent bad touches from happening. It simply teaches our children to recognize something as good or bad, after the fact.

It’s time to teach…

Here’s why and how it went

For the record, I’m no fitness buff. I don’t frequent the gym and I’m about as well-versed on the latest nutrition trends as anyone with an Internet connection is. I don’t find myself on either end of the extreme spectrum of physical fitness. I’m not underweight or morbidly obese. I’m…

Shonda Rhimes from MasterClass

As you’ve stared at the dreaded blank page, or debated if you love your story idea or hate it with a passion, have you ever asked yourself how the hell your favorite authors did it?

I certainly have.

As I bounced haphazardly from one story idea to another, I wished…

Author — Lynette Richards

It was Saturday, January 28, 2017. I had just turned 40 two months prior and was working as the Director of a lakeside campground. My then 9-year-old daughter, Mia, and I were packing up the car before heading to a tradeshow where I was representing the company.

We’d prepared sandwiches…

Artists Who Were Lost Too Soon from freepresskashmir

Is it coincidence that so many artist’s lives have come to such abrupt ends, or that so many have died by their own hands? Writers, chefs, musicians. Are we more tortured somehow than those who choose to pursue other passions? …

Lynette Richards

Lover of true crime - reading it, writing about it, not participating in it. I appreciate artists of all kinds - from the kitchen to the studio and in between.

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